Winston Baya is a fiduciary company that has developed around a close-knit team for over 10 years.

Winston Baya is a continuation of ACCs SA (www.accs-sa.com), which today is the company dedicated to regulated activities (under MLA control) serving Winston Baya’s clients.

The vocation of WINSTON BAYA is to offer services in the fiduciary fields, more precisely private taxation/corporate taxation/accounting/human resources management and patrimonial planning.

The complexity of the rules in force and the numerous legislative changes are pushing small and medium-sized companies to reinforce their administrative team in charge of accounts, compliance, risk and human resources.

Thanks to its assets, Winston Baya often acts as an outsourced CFO, and thus allows its clients to benefit from all its skills.

  • Efficient and innovative solutions
  • Close relationship with our customers
  • Collaboration with a dynamic network of professionals
  • Tailor-made services adapted to our clients needs
  • The reactivity of our staff
  • A 360 degree customer approach,

These are the principles that drive the team at your service.

Our competencies

Corporate accounting

ACCs handles your accounting on an ongoing basis for auditing and management purposes.
We allow you to measure your company’s performance with monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements. Using our expertise, we set up cost accounting with the aim of improving your company’s profitability and anticipating tax, social and legal problems.
Our team guarantees that your supplier and debtor invoices will be regularly processed on the basis of the submitted supporting documents. We can also handle payment transactions and therefore manage your cash flow and payment deadlines.
We strive to keep your company up-to-date with the legal obligations related to accounting:

  • Annual closing of accounts
  • Bookkeeping on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis
  • Establishment of monthly or quarterly accounting dashboards reflecting an analytical vision of your accounts
  • Consolidation of group accounts
  • Drawing up VAT statements
  • Corporate Taxation (ICC&IFD, Form 9, Form 8, Form 103)
  • Withholding tax

Human Resources

ACCs offers advice and tailor-made solutions in human resource and social insurance management.
ACCs can help you in all the administrative procedures related to the arrival or departure of an employee:

  • Drafting of standard employment contracts in compliance with the Collective Agreements in force.
  • Hiring administration (OCP announcements and work permit applications, announcements regarding the AHV, BVG, UVG social insurances, monitoring of BVG vested benefits transfer).
  • Monthly drawing up of salary slips and follow-up of the holiday statement.
  • Annual issuing of salary certificates and receipts.
  • Drawing up and sending monthly statements to tax authorities for withholding tax.
  • Declaration of sickness/accidents to social insurance funds.
  • Application for family allowances and maternity benefits.
  • Letter of dismissal and assistance in case of dispute.
  • Drafting of employer's certificates for unemployment.
  • Establishment of internal staff regulations.
  • Establishment of codes of ethics.
  • Establishment of expense and travel reimbursement regulations.

Legal assistance

ACCs benefits from a network of lawyers and tax specialists who can be relied on on a case-to-case basis.

ACCs can advise and assist you in various legal fields:

  • Creating or restructuring your company.
  • Purchase of a company.
  • Sale, liquidation or bankruptcy of a business.
  • Labour law and occupational benefits.
  • Contract law.
  • Inheritances.
  • Swiss and international taxation.
  • General administration.
  • Tax compliance, amnesty applications, negotiation of tax rulings.
  • Preparation of files to obtain approvals from regulatory authorities (FINMA, OS, OAR).
  • Drafting of contracts and shareholder agreements.

Outsourced administrative and financial management

Our team helps you manage your company at every decisive stage of your development:

  • Establishing management support dashboards.
  • Following-up on debts and loans.
  • Monitoring cash flow.
  • Monitoring profitability, margins and ratios.
  • Carrying out budget monitoring.
  • Implementing financing plans.
  • Tax planning for the company and its managing shareholders.
  • Attending Ordinary/Extraordinary General Meetings.

Incorporating Swiss and international companies, transformation, mergers and acquisitions, asset valuations

ACCs advises and accompanies you in the following areas:

  • Choice of the most appropriate legal form and jurisdiction.
  • Information about international jurisdictions.
  • Assistance in drafting the articles of association (corporate purpose).
  • Registration with the commercial register.
  • Registration with an auditing body.
  • Drafting of contracts and shareholders' agreements
  • Assistance in opening a bank account, research of banking solutions.
  • Transformation of the legal form of your company.
  • Valuation of assets with a view to paying up the share capital in kind.
  • Business valuation.
  • Assistance in financing projects.
  • Mergers and acquisitions (support, establishment of due diligence, coordination with notaries and lawyers)

Wealth and tax planning for legal entities and individuals

A company’s tax planning is often managed in parallel with the tax planning of the entrepreneur behind it.
ACCs is particularly interested in this factor and helps you find the most profitable solutions.
In this context, our team ensures that accounting and social events occurring in a company’s accounts do not have a negative impact on the private taxation of its shareholders/beneficiaries.

  • ICC&IFD tax returns for individuals.
  • ICC&IFD tax returns for legal entities.
  • VAT returns.
  • Inheritance declarations and estate planning.
  • CRS reporting OECD.
  • Structuring (setting up Swiss and international holding companies) and setting up Trusts.

Creating and managing trusts and simple and complex structures

By ratifying the Hague Convention, Switzerland has recognised the existence and legal effects of trusts.
The trust is a particular and complex asset management tool, in compliance with tax legislation. It is also a privacy protection tool.

Depending on the complexity of the mandate, we call upon a network of experts and professionals that we frequently work with.

ACCs offers our services as a trustee and assistance in structuring and managing your assets:

  • Analysis of the personal situation of the Settlor and the Beneficiaries based on various information such as tax residence, taxation, political risks and assets.
  • Structuring proposals, advice and choice of jurisdictions.
  • Establishment of Trusts, appointment of Trustees and, if necessary, Protectors.
  • Assistance with tax and estate planning.
  • Structuring assistance for the holding of assets such as management portfolios, real estate, intellectual property, commercial companies and family businesses, works of art, aircraft.

Our fields of activity

ACCs’s activities are mainly focused on providing advice and services to Swiss and international entrepreneurs. Our team’s experience gives us the advantage of bringing added value in the following areas:

Freight & Transport
Construction companies
Trade & distribution

Our team

Our team strives to offer our clients personalised services. Our ways of communicating, advising and supporting clients vary considerably according to their expectations.

With a staff of 9 people, we on the ACCs team use our experience in the field to best help our customers.

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If you need advice or an initial offer for our expertise, we will be delighted to help you.

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